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Protecting Specialist Neonatal Services in Lanarkshire

  • Submitted by: Jackie Baillie, Dumbarton, Scottish Labour.
  • Date lodged: Monday, 18 September 2023
  • Motion reference: S6M-10497
  • Current status: Taken in the Chamber on Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Motions as amended

That the Parliament believes that it is vital that the smallest and sickest babies born in Scotland receive the best and safest care possible to improve their life chances; notes evidence from expert clinicians that care for babies at highest risk is safest in units that treat a higher number of patients; agrees that parents would expect the Scottish Government to act on such evidence in the very best interests of their babies; welcomes the new model of neonatal intensive care, as recommended by The Best Start report, which was led by expert NHS clinicians and service user representatives, that delivers this change; notes that local neonatal units will continue to offer care to the vast majority of babies who need it, and that no neonatal units will close as part of the new model; further notes that all families who have a baby in neonatal care can access the Young Patients Family Fund, which provides support for costs of travel, food and accommodation; acknowledges the commitment of all neonatal staff across Scotland, and congratulates the Wishaw neonatal team on being named UK neonatal team of the year in 2023.

Supported by: Paul Sweeney


Result 63 for, 50 against, 0 abstained, 16 did not vote Vote Passed

Scottish National Party

  • Adam, George
  • Adam, Karen
  • Adamson, Clare
  • Allan, Dr Alasdair
  • Arthur, Tom
  • Beattie, Colin
  • Brown, Keith
  • Brown, Siobhian
  • Callaghan, Stephanie
  • Coffey, Willie
  • Constance, Angela
  • Dey, Graeme
  • Don, Natalie
  • Doris, Bob
  • Dornan, James
  • Dunbar, Jackie
  • Ewing, Annabelle
  • Ewing, Fergus
  • Forbes, Kate
  • Gibson, Kenneth
  • Gilruth, Jenny
  • Gougeon, Mairi
  • Gray, Neil
  • Harper, Emma
  • Haughey, Clare
  • Hepburn, Jamie
  • Hyslop, Fiona
  • Kidd, Bill
  • Lochhead, Richard
  • MacDonald, Gordon
  • MacGregor, Fulton
  • Mackay, Rona
  • Macpherson, Ben
  • Maguire, Ruth
  • Martin, Gillian
  • Mason, John
  • Matheson, Michael
  • McAllan, Màiri
  • McKee, Ivan
  • McKelvie, Christina
  • McNair, Marie
  • Minto, Jenni
  • Nicoll, Audrey
  • Regan, Ash
  • Robertson, Angus
  • Roddick, Emma
  • Somerville, Shirley-Anne
  • Stevenson, Collette
  • Stewart, Kaukab
  • Stewart, Kevin
  • Sturgeon, Nicola
  • Swinney, John
  • Thomson, Michelle
  • Todd, Maree
  • Tweed, Evelyn
  • Whitham, Elena
Did not vote
  • Fairlie, Jim
  • FitzPatrick, Joe
  • Grahame, Christine
  • McLennan, Paul
  • McMillan, Stuart
  • Robison, Shona
  • Torrance, David
  • Yousaf, Humza

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

  • Balfour, Jeremy
  • Briggs, Miles
  • Burnett, Alexander
  • Cameron, Donald
  • Carlaw, Jackson
  • Carson, Finlay
  • Dowey, Sharon
  • Findlay, Russell
  • Fraser, Murdo
  • Gallacher, Meghan
  • Golden, Maurice
  • Gosal, Pam
  • Greene, Jamie
  • Gulhane, Sandesh
  • Halcro Johnston, Jamie
  • Hoy, Craig
  • Kerr, Liam
  • McCall, Roz
  • Mundell, Oliver
  • Ross, Douglas
  • Simpson, Graham
  • Smith, Liz
  • Stewart, Alexander
  • Webber, Sue
  • Wells, Annie
  • White, Tess
  • Whittle, Brian
Did not vote
  • Hamilton, Rachael
  • Kerr, Stephen
  • Lumsden, Douglas
  • Mountain, Edward

Scottish Labour

  • Baillie, Jackie
  • Baker, Claire
  • Bibby, Neil
  • Boyack, Sarah
  • Choudhury, Foysol
  • Duncan-Glancy, Pam
  • Grant, Rhoda
  • Griffin, Mark
  • Johnson, Daniel
  • Lennon, Monica
  • Leonard, Richard
  • Marra, Michael
  • McNeill, Pauline
  • Mochan, Carol
  • O'Kane, Paul
  • Sarwar, Anas
  • Smyth, Colin
  • Sweeney, Paul
  • Villalba, Mercedes
  • Whitfield, Martin
Did not vote
  • Clark, Katy
  • Rowley, Alex

Scottish Green Party

  • Burgess, Ariane
  • Chapman, Maggie
  • Greer, Ross
  • Harvie, Patrick
  • Mackay, Gillian
  • Ruskell, Mark
  • Slater, Lorna
Did not vote

Scottish Liberal Democrats

  • McArthur, Liam
  • Rennie, Willie
  • Wishart, Beatrice
Did not vote
  • Cole-Hamilton, Alex

No Party Affiliation

Did not vote
  • Johnstone, Alison

Original motion text

That the Parliament is concerned by the Scottish Government’s decision to downgrade the award-winning neonatal services in University Hospital Wishaw, which will result in newborn babies who require specialist care being transferred to one of three specialist intensive care neonatal units across Scotland; recognises that many families across Lanarkshire have had their newborn babies cared for in this Neonatal Intensive Care unit, and that they are deeply upset by this decision to withdraw critical services and expertise from local communities, and calls on the Scottish Government to reverse its decision.

Accepted amendments

Motion ref. S6M-10497.2

Submitted by: Jenni Minto, Argyll and Bute, Scottish National Party, Date lodged: Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Supported by: Michael Matheson, Maree Todd
Current status: Taken in the chamber on Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Result 63 for, 50 against, 0 abstained, 16 did not vote Vote Passed

Amendments that have not been voted on

Motion ref. S6M-10497.1

Submitted by: Dr. Sandesh Gulhane, Glasgow, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, Date lodged: Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Supported by: Douglas Lumsden
Current status: Taken in the chamber on Wednesday, September 20, 2023