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About the Scottish Parliament

Standing Orders of the Scottish Parliament

The Standing Orders are the rules of procedure for the Parliament.

They have been made in accordance with the Scotland Act 1998.

Standing Orders of the Scottish Parliament, 6th Edition, 3rd Revision (8 October 2021)


Previous versions of the Standing Orders

When changes are made to Standing Orders, this is referred to as a Revision. The Revisions are numbered in the order in which they are issued (1st Revision, 2nd Revision, etc.).

This page lists the:

  • 6th Edition of the Standing Orders
  • each Revision made to the 6th Edition of the Standing Orders
  • the dates the Revisions took effect

Each Revision includes the complete text of every Chapter. 

Standing Orders 6th Edition (12 May 2021)

Standing Orders 6th Edition, 1st Revision (15 June 2021) 

Standing Orders 6th Edition, 2nd Revision (30 June 2021)

If you wish a copy of the Standing Orders from a previous session please contact the Standards Clerks,