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Mu Phàrlamaid na h-Alba

History of the Scottish Parliament


Origins of the Scottish parliament

The original Parliament of Scotland (or "Estates of Scotland") was the national law maker of the independent Kingdom of Scotland. It existed from the early 13th century until 1707. This was when the Kingdom of Scotland merged with the Kingdom of England under the Acts of Union 1707 to form the Kingdom of Great Britain. Because of this, the Parliament of Scotland was closed and a Parliament of Great Britain was created, at Westminster in London.

Union with Scotland Act 1706 (Act of the old English Parliament)

Union with England Act 1707 (Act of the old Scottish Parliament) 

In 1997 there was a referendum where the Scottish people voted for Scotland to have a Parliament again. The current Parliament was established by the Scotland Act 1998. The first meeting was on 12 May 1999.

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