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Committees run a "call for views" when they want to hear opinions on a topic, usually to inform an inquiry.

You can search for any calls for views run by a committee since the start of the current session (May 2021).  Filter by individual committee, or search by the title of a call for views.  

You can also see which Proposed Bills are currently open for consultation.

Proposed Bills

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Displaying 5 calls for views

Call for Views on the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill

Status: Open

The Scottish Parliaments Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee is seeking your views on the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill. About the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill The Bill was introduced by the Scottish Government on 13 March. It covers: land ref...

Closes: 21 May 2024

Housing (Scotland) Bill Call for Views

Status: Open

We want to hear from you The Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee and Social Justice and Social Security Committee are seeking views on the Housing (Scotland) Bill. The Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee is the lead commit...

Closes: 24 May 2024

Housing (Scotland) Bill: Financial Memorandum

Status: Open

About the Bill The Bill has 7 Parts. Part 1 makes provision about rent including the designation of rent control areas. Part 2 makes provision about dealing with evictions, including duties to consider delaying evictions and the amount of damages ...

Closes: 04 June 2024

Land Reform (Scotland) Bill: Financial Memorandum

Status: Open

About the Bill The Bill makes changes to the law concerning land management, community engagement and right to buy and transfers of land as well as agricultural holdings and small landholdings. Part 1 of the Bill is based on the Scottish Land Commi...

Closes: 18 June 2024

National Performance Framework: Inquiry into proposed National Outcomes

Status: Open

National Performance Framework The Scottish Government explains that the National Performance Framework is Scotlands wellbeing framework. The National Performance Framework aims to get everyone in Scotland to work together to deliver on the Nationa...

Closes: 28 June 2024