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Accessibility guide

Find out about the Scottish Parliament's accessibility features and services

Accessibility guide

There are multiple sections to this guide. Use the headings at the top of the guide, or the arrows at the bottom of each page, to navigate.

Getting here

Travel by public transport

  • Visitors can use Lothian Buses service number 35
  • The nearest stop is outside our building, called Scottish Parliament, and is located on the Royal Mile in the Canongate
  • The stop is about 200 metres away from the entrance of the building

Travel by taxi

  • There is a taxi rank outside the Scottish Parliament building, on the corner of Horse Wynd and Canongate
  • A full list of taxi firms can be obtained from Edinburgh City Council or on


  • There is parking near the building. There are accessible parking spaces. These are less than 50 metres from the main entrance. Parking is not free
  • There is a drop-off point about 30 metres from the main entrance. The drop-off point has a dropped kerb

parking spaces on horse wynd, across the road from the scottish parliament

  • From the car park to the entrance, there is level access
  • The route is at least 1250mm wide from all parking spots to the entrance
  • A small number of public parking spaces are reserved for disabled people on Horse Wynd. Please note that these parking bays are for visitors to the Holyrood area in general, not just for visitors to the Parliament. These parking bays are owned and managed by the City of Edinburgh Council and can be used by all blue badge holders. Blue badge holders can also park in places with single yellow lines and these are available near to the Parliament building. Commercial car parks are also available nearby on Holyrood Road
  • If you require to be dropped off or collected when visiting the Scottish Parliament you can use the turning circle at Dynamic Earth. It may be possible to use the parking bays on Horse Wynd as a drop off and pick up point, but waiting in the bays is not permitted and the usage of the bays for this purpose is subject to their availability 

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