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Accessibility guide

Find out about the Scottish Parliament's accessibility features and services

Accessibility guide

There are multiple sections to this guide. Use the headings at the top of the guide, or the arrows at the bottom of each page, to navigate.

Main entrance and security

Path to main entrance

  • From the street to the main entrance, there is level access
  • The entrance path is 1200mm wide, or more in places
the visitor entrance of the scottish parliament 

Main entrance

  • The main entrance has level access and includes a permanent ramp
  • Entrance doors are at least 1050mm wide
  • The main door is revolving and moves automatically. It has a push button to open it
  • There is also a sliding door for visitors who require it. It is operated by security officers on the inside of the building. They look out for visitors who require the use of the sliding door and they open it with a push button
a woman walks through a metal detector at a security check 


  • Once in the building, all visitors are required to proceed through airport-style security with metal detecting arches. The width of the metal detecting arches is 828mm. There is also a wider gate available for use and this is 1000mm wide.
  • Wheelchairs, walking aids and other larger assistive devices can be taken through. Smaller devices, including digital devices, go through the bag scanner.
  • The following video demonstrates this:


(Watch this video with BSL)