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Mu Phàrlamaid na h-Alba

Parliament policies

Art Collection policy

The Scottish Parliament Art Collection is a collection of contemporary art, sculpture, craft and photography. The collection was acquired for display in the Scottish Parliament building.  It represents a diverse range of Scotland’s artists, makers and photographers.

The aims of the policy are to:

  • represent Scotland’s living artists practising contemporary visual art, sculpture, craft or photography
  • seek opportunities to increase the diversity of artists represented in the collection
  • make information about the art and artists represented in the collection accessible to audiences in Scotland and elsewhere
  • build on existing collection themes exploring: the relationship between people and the environment; the identities and histories of Scotland’s peoples; and the history of the Scottish Parliament
  • develop the collection in response to the unique and historical architectural settings of the Parliament buildings and gardens
  • display art in the Parliament for the benefit of the public, educational groups, Members, staff, event attendees and other building users
  • only collect artworks which we can care for, conserve, store, display and interpret to professional collection