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Seòmar agus comataidhean

About questions and answers

Parliamentary questions can be asked by any MSP who is not a member of the government. They provide a means for MSPs to get information from the Scottish Government. They are a critical part of the work of the Parliament. 

There are two types of parliamentary question:

  • Written questions, which receive a written response
  • Oral questions, such as Topical Questions, which are answered in the Debating Chamber

This introduction is intended for a general user.  More detailed information about parliamentary questions can be found in the Parliament rules and guidance section.

General rules for questions

Parliamentary questions must:

  • relate to a matter for which Scottish Government has general responsibility. Or in the case of SPCB Questions, a matter for which the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body is responsible
  • be brief, clearly worded and address specific points
  • be in English
  • not contain offensive language
  • not express a point of view
  • not disclose information that is protected by an interdict or court order, commercially sensitive or confidential, or liable to cause personal distress or loss
  • not refer to any matter in relation to which legal proceedings are active, except with the permission of the Presiding Officer
  • not seek information that has been provided in response to a question in the last six months