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Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee

Meeting date: Tuesday, September 20, 2022



The Deputy Convener (Fiona Hyslop)

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to the 24th meeting in 2022 of the Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee.

I welcome to the meeting Edward Mountain, who is joining us for the first time as a committee member. He replaces Dean Lockhart. On behalf of all members of the committee, I once again thank Dean for his contribution to the committee’s work this session. I have, as discussed at our previous meeting, written to Dean on the committee’s behalf.

As Edward Mountain is joining us for the first time, agenda item 1 is a declaration of interests. I invite Mr Mountain to declare any relevant interests.

Edward Mountain (Highlands and Islands) (Con)

Thank you very much, deputy convener.

As committee members will know, I have made a full declaration in the register of members’ interests, but I would still like to bring some key points to your attention.

First, I am a member of a family farming partnership that breeds pedigree cows and grows barley for whisky. That particular industry employs three people.

I have an ancillary property-letting business that lets cottages that used to be part of the farming enterprise. They consist mainly of old farm cottages.

I am also a partner in a family fishing business that fishes for wild salmon on the River Spey. That business, too, currently employs three people.

I get no financial benefit from any of the organisations of which I am a member, but I should say that I am a member of the National Farmers Union Scotland, the Scottish Gamekeepers Association and, through my previous profession as a qualified surveyor, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

I think that that is a full declaration. Of course, I will, like other committee members, declare any relevant interests at any future meetings.

Thank you very much, Edward.

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