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PE1975 : Reform the law relating to Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs)

Petition Summary

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to review and amend the law to prevent the use of Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.

Petitioner: Roger Mullin

Status: Under consideration

Date published: 22 September 2022

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Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Committee Consideration

PE1975/B: Petition submission of 16 November 2022  (171.6KB, pdf)

PE1975/C: Michelle Thomson MSP submission of 5 December 2022 (12KB, pdf)

PE1975/D: Anti-SLAPP Research Hub, University of Aberdeen submission of 14 December 2022 (63.4KB, pdf)

PE1975/E: Ekklesia submission of 15 December 2022 (76.5KB, pdf)

PE1975/F: Ewan Kennedy submission of 13 January 2023 (66.7KB, pdf)

PE1975/G: Transparency International UK submission of 16 January 2023 (60.1KB, pdf)

PE1975/H: Scottish Law Commission submission of 24 February 2023 (60.8KB, pdf)

PE1975/I: Minister for Community Safety submission of 2 March 2023 (111.6KB, pdf)

PE1975/J: Law Society of Scotland submission of 28 February 2023 (74.5KB, pdf)

PE1975/K: Graeme Johnston submission of 20 March 2023 (88KB, pdf)

PE1975/L: National Union of Journalists submission of 30 March 2023 (88KB, pdf)

PE1975/M: UK Anti-SLAPP Coalition submission of 30 March 2023 (79KB, pdf)

PE1975/N: Anti-SLAPP Research Hub, University of Aberdeen submission of 30 March 2023 (137KB, pdf)

PE1975/O: Petitioner submission of 5 April 2023 (57KB, pdf)

PE1975/P: The Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland submission of 10 April 2023 (113KB, pdf)