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Organise an event, exhibition or photocall for MSPs

MSP-sponsored events, exhibitions and photocalls are a way for organisations to inform the work of MSPs. They take place when Parliament is sitting. They can’t take place during recess.

Events, Exhibitions and photocalls are allocated on a 12-month rolling basis.

NOTE: The next availability for Member-sponsored events is January 2025. Member-sponsored exhibitions are next available in mid 2025.

Organisations are allowed two events within a 12 month period. Organisations are limited to one exhibition in a 2-year period.

If you’d like to request an MSP-sponsored event, exhibition or photocall, use the forms on this page. Please send your request form as far in advance as possible.

For any other queries, please contact


Events are aimed at raising awareness of relevant issues with MSPs. They can take place in various locations in the building, based on the nature and size of the event. We can provide some audio-visual equipment free of charge, subject to availability. Read more information about the building’s accessibility.

Events usually take place on:

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm
  • Thursdays from 1pm to 2.15pm and 5.30pm to 7.30pm

If you’d like to request an MSP-sponsored event, please download and fill out the Microsoft Word document and send it to

Events request form (78KB Word Document)


Exhibitions for MSPs must:

  • inform the work of the Parliament, and
  • raise the awareness of MSPs on relevant issues.

The content of an exhibition should be agreed with your sponsoring MSP.

Exhibitions take place in two passholder areas of the building: the Garden Lobby and Members' Lobby. Exhibitions must fit in the available display space, which includes gallery walling (4.9 metres long and 1.97 metres high) with lighting. A picture hanging system and a TV monitor can also be made available. Read more information about the building’s accessibility.

Exhibitions are usually set up on a Tuesday morning and taken down on a Thursday afternoon. Organisations will be considered for one exhibition in a two-year period.

If you’d like to request an MSP-sponsored exhibition, please download and fill out the Microsoft Word document and send it to

Exhibition request form (77KB Word Document)

For more detailed information on hosting an exhibition, read our guidance.


Photocalls are opportunities to photograph MSPs for a specific organisation or cause. Photocalls usually take place in the Garden Lobby, either on

  • Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtime before Chamber business, or
  • Thursday after First Minister’s Questions.

Photocalls are an opportunity for all MSPs to participate. You can also arrange a photocall with the party leaders only.

If you’d like to request a photocall, please use the form listed under the 'Events' tab.


All events, exhibitions and photocalls should align with the aims of the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB). That is, they should support the work of MSPs.

All events, exhibitions and photocalls must:

  • be sponsored by an MSP, a group of MSPs, a Cross-Party Group, a Committee or the SPCB
  • meet the SPCB’s operational terms and conditions for events and exhibitions
  • not be party political. But, they may reflect a sponsoring MSP's interests, beliefs or policy position

They must also:

  • relate to parliamentary business
  • support MSPs in their parliamentary role, like helping to inform MSPs on a specific issue.

Covering costs

Venues are available at no cost. This is so events, exhibitions and photocalls can support organisations and individuals to engage with the work of the Parliament and its MSPs.

For events, there are costs for using:

  • audio-visual equipment not already included
  • our on-site catering services.

Some organisations use a commercial sponsor to assist with the costs of their event.

Fundraising events are not allowed at the Scottish Parliament.


Face Coverings

The wearing of face coverings is no longer a law in most indoor public settings. But, the Scottish Government continues to recommend them where there's a higher transmission risk. For example, in crowded, busy, congested spaces and areas with poor ventilation.

Thus, we encourage everyone at Holyrood to wear a face covering when moving around indoors. We encourage this in busy and congested areas especially.

This is a personal decision, but it's recommended for the safety of the whole parliamentary community and beyond. Signage in the building reflects the government guidance.

Physical Distancing

Changes in the law around face coverings have also affected physical distancing rules. Physical distancing is no longer a law, but rather, encouraged. Please maintain at least 1 metre physical distancing where possible.

It's especially important to consider physical distancing:

  • in congested areas like entrances and exits
  • where people queue, like catering outlets and the shop

Distance aware

We recognise and support the distance aware scheme.