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Frank Alexander and Skelmorlie Secret Bunker Receive Top Palladium Voluntary Award

  • Submitted by: Kenneth Gibson, Cunninghame North, Scottish National Party.
  • Date lodged: Thursday, 09 March 2023
  • Motion reference: S6M-08154

That the Parliament congratulates Frank Alexander, from Largs, on receiving the top Palladium voluntary award at a special presentation by the leader of North Ayrshire Council, Marie Burns; understands that Frank, a retired team leader from Hunterston Power Station, was given the Adult Volunteer Recognition Award for his outstanding contribution and volunteering role in restoring a derelict monitoring post in Skelmorlie and turning it into a valued heritage and museum site; is aware that Skelmorlie underground monitoring post, situated at Meigle, was constructed in April 1965 and remained operational until the stand-down of the UK monitoring posts in September 1991 as a result of the end of the Cold War and the diminished nuclear threat; acknowledges that Frank joined the Royal Observer Corps after seeing that the former nuclear monitoring post was in a derelict condition in an overgrown field; notes that Frank stated that he had a notion to restore the site in order to publicise the role of the Corps and that he took over the lease of the land in 2003; understands that, since opening in September 2004, for the Doors Open Day in Ayrshire, Skelmorlie Secret Bunker is one of the very few restored Royal Observer Corps underground monitoring posts available for public access and notes that it has had thousands of visitors from all over the world; understands that Frank is now looking at developing the site as a stopping point for walkers and cyclists as part of the Ayrshire Coastal Trail, and wishes Frank all the best in his future endeavours.

Supported by: Karen Adam, Clare Adamson, Jeremy Balfour, Colin Beattie, Neil Bibby, Miles Briggs, Siobhian Brown, Alexander Burnett, Stephanie Callaghan, Katy Clark, Jackie Dunbar, Annabelle Ewing, Bill Kidd, Ruth Maguire, Stuart McMillan, Jenni Minto, Paul Sweeney, David Torrance, Evelyn Tweed