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UNCRC (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill - One Year On

  • Submitted by: Martin Whitfield, South Scotland, Scottish Labour.
  • Date lodged: Wednesday, 16 March 2022
  • Motion reference: S6M-03616
  • Current status: Achieved cross-party support

That Parliament notes that 16 March 2022 marks one year since the Scottish Parliament committed, it considers, to deliver a “revolution in children’s rights” by unanimously passing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill; believes that, by taking what it sees as a maximalist approach to incorporating children’s rights into Scots law, Scotland is aiming to deliver a fundamental culture shift that, it considers, will transform the life chances and outcomes for children and young people, including in the South Scotland region; acknowledges that the Bill was passed after over 10 years of campaigning by children, young people and their families, and supported by children’s organisations across Scotland; further acknowledges reports that the passage of the Bill was celebrated widely by children and young people through to teachers, social workers, the police, MSPs across all political parties and members of UN committees; accepts that it is over five months since The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom ruled that the Bill needs to be amended to bring it within the competence of the Scottish Parliament; welcomes the Deputy First Minister’s commitment to address The Supreme Court judgment through the Scottish Parliament’s reconsideration process; acknowledges the view that children and young people still do not know what timescale the Scottish Government is working to, or how long this process will take, and understands that, on the first anniversary of the Bill being passed, charities are urging MSPs to set out to children their continued commitment to the incorporation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) into Scots law and to supporting reconsideration of the Bill that brings it within the Parliament’s competence, and are requesting that the Scottish Government sets out a timescale for the reconsideration process so that children and young people know when UNCRC incorporation will be a reality in their lives.

Supported by: Karen Adam, Jackie Baillie, Claire Baker, Sarah Boyack, Foysol Choudhury, Katy Clark, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Pam Duncan-Glancy, Daniel Johnson, Stephen Kerr, Fulton MacGregor, Ruth Maguire, Michael Marra, Paul McLennan, Pauline McNeill, Carol Mochan, Paul O'Kane, Willie Rennie, Colin Smyth, Paul Sweeney, Mercedes Villalba