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Seòmar agus comataidhean

Question reference: S6W-23027

  • Date lodged: 22 November 2023
  • Current status: Answered by Jackson Carlaw (on behalf of the SPCB) on 5 December 2023


To ask the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body what specific measures it is taking to ensure that training opportunities provided to MSP staff in the Scottish Parliament are of a similar level and equivalent standard to those available to staff in the UK Parliament.


The SPCB is proud to work with colleagues across all UK and Ireland legislatures to share best practice, innovative ideas, opportunities for shared learning and shared events (e.g., Mental Health Month, Trans and Non-Binary Awareness Week, National Inclusion Week during which seminars and information events are available to all).

The SPCB seeks to ensure that the training opportunities offered to MSP staff in the Scottish Parliament meet both the needs of the individual, their employer and the Parliament as a whole.  It would not be possible to offer the same training as colleagues in the UK Parliament and other UK legislatures as our needs will be different as is the context (training provided to the Scottish Parliament must be considered in the Scottish context within which we operate).  The team that supports MSP staff training regularly conduct reviews of the providers and their content to ensure that quality, effectiveness and value is maintained and where required will seek alternative provision.  The team operates within our procurement guidelines and uses their knowledge and expertise to ensure a quality provider is selected to work with colleagues and maintain our standards in providing relevant, quality training to MSP staff.