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Seòmar agus comataidhean

Question reference: S6W-23025

  • Date lodged: 22 November 2023
  • Current status: Answered by Jackson Carlaw (on behalf of the SPCB) on 5 December 2023


To ask the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body whether it will provide an overview of the training programmes and opportunities that are currently available to MSP staff within the allocated £40,000 central budget.


The SPCB can confirm that following consultation with MSP staff on training via, a training needs analysis, interviews and engagement forums, a bespoke development programme has been established, specifically for MSP staff. There are a number of training modules open to all MSP staff, covering a variety of development areas and these are all detailed on the intranet pages which all colleagues have access to.  MSP staff can book into and participate in any programme relevant to their role if agreed by their employing MSP. This year the SPCB have listened to what MSP staff colleagues are telling us they need and have therefore made significant investment in training on Mental Health First Aid, Speechwriting, ACAS ‘Training for Managers’ and UK/Scottish Benefits from the £40,000 central budget so far. 

In addition to training offered via the central budget MSP staff can also access additional training that is open to both SPS and MSP staff via our e-learning platform ‘Learning Pool’ and ad hoc online and in person sessions that run throughout the year. 

The SPCB is keen to maximise the central budget to the benefit of all MSP staff and in doing so ensure economies of scale.  Whilst requests for specialist individual training can be made these are considered in the context of the wider MSP staffing group to ensure that equal and fair access to training is offered and that we can offer training that represents value for money and delivers economies of scale. MSPs may also apply to the SPCB direct for reimbursement of the fees or other charges incurred in providing appropriate training for a member of staff.  MSPs wishing to access this provision of the Members’ Expenses Scheme will be assisted to do so by People and Culture staff.