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Seòmar agus comataidhean

Question reference: S6W-01913

  • Date lodged: 28 July 2021
  • Current status: Answered by Michael Matheson on 25 August 2021


To ask the Scottish Government which ordnance disposal method will be used for the Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm project, and whether bubble curtains will be used.


The choice of disposal method for ordinance found on the Seagreen Offshore Windfarm will be a hierarchy of methods made up of leaving in situ , relocating the UXO, applying a low-yield method which disrupts and disintegrates the UXO without combustion of the explosive material, a low-order method which disrupts the UXO by deflagration without an explosive combustion of the main explosive filling and, only where those methods are unsuitable, to use a high-order method to penetrate the UXO casing and trigger detonation of the main explosive filling.

Bubble curtains are not being used as, due to the water depth at the site, they would be technically challenging and may be of limited effectiveness.