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Seòmar agus comataidhean

Official Report publication schedule

Find out when Official Reports are expected to be published. 


Meeting Date of meeting Date of publication  
 Parliament (Tuesday)
28/03/23 28/03/23
 Parliament (Wednesday) 29/03/23 29/03/23
 Parliament (Thursday) 30/03/23 30/03/23
 Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Committee  n/a n/a
 Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee
30/03/23 03/04/23
 Covid-19 Recovery Committee n/a n/a
 Criminal Justice Committee 29/03/23 31/03/23
 Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee 28/03/23 28/03/23
 Economy and Fair Work Committee
n/a n/a
 Education, Children and Young People Committee 29/03/23 31/03/23
 Equalities, Human Rights and Civil Justice Committee 28/03/23 31/03/23
 Finance and Public Administration Committee 28/03/23 30/03/23
 Health, Social Care and Sport Committee 28/03/23 29/03/23
 Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee 28/03/23 31/03/23
 Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee 28/03/23 29/03/23
 Public Audit Committee 30/03/23 03/04/23
 Rural Affairs, Islands and Natural Environment Committee 29/03/23 03/04/23

 Social Justice and Social Security Committee

n/a n/a
 Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee n/a n/a

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