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Finance and Public Administration Committee

Fiscal Sustainability Report - Response to Scottish Fiscal Commission

Letter from the Convener to the Chair of the Scottish Fiscal Commission of 6 October 2021

Dear Dame Susan

Thank you for your letter of 6 September in which you set out a detailed outline of how the Scottish Fiscal Commission could approach producing a fiscal sustainability report for Scotland, as recommended by the Legacy Expert Panel in its report to last session’s Finance and Constitution Committee.

The Finance and Public Administration Committee considered your letter at its meeting on 28 September. Noting both the Legacy Expert Panel’s finding and the OECD’s recommendation that the Commission considers producing “an in-depth analysis that better captures the scale of … the considerable fiscal risks to the Scottish budget in the longer-term”, the Committee welcomed the plans set out in your letter. This includes your intention to consult next year before producing your first long-term fiscal sustainability report in 2023.

The Committee would appreciate receiving regular updates on this work.

Yours sincerely

Kenneth Gibson MSP
Finance and Public Administration Committee