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Economy and Fair Work Committee

UK Professional Qualifications Bill

Letter from the Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise, 23 November 2021

Dear Claire,


I am writing about the UK Professional Qualifications Bill (“the Bill”) which your Committee is currently considering a Legislative Consent Memorandum for.

The Bill was introduced on 12 May and completed its Report Stage in the House of Lords on 9 November. A number of amendments were considered during Report Stage with relevant amendments agreed on 9 November (see Annex A). These amendments relate to regulator autonomy and regulator consultation. Scottish Parliament Standing Orders provide that an LCM should normally be lodged with the Scottish Parliament two weeks after any relevant amendments to a Bill are tabled by the UK Government in the UK Parliament. In the case of these amendments, the deadline for an LCM would have been 16 November 2021.

The Scottish Government has not been able to meet this deadline for consideration of the amendments to the Bill because of continuing discussions with stakeholders and BEIS. Scottish Government and BEIS officials are still discussing the ability of the Secretary of State to exercise concurrent powers in areas of Devolved Competence without the consent of Scottish Ministers. We will lodge a supplementary memorandum as soon as possible with a final position and my officials will keep in contact with yours regarding anticipated timescales.


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Annexe A