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Seòmar agus comataidhean

Economy and Fair Work Committee

Scotland's Supply Chain

The Committee want to know more about the short and medium-term structural challenges facing Scotland’s supply chain.

  • how are the challenges and shifts in supply chains impacting Scotland’s economy?
  • how can we build future resilience?
  • what opportunities exist for Scottish firms to develop domestic supply chains?


A supply chain is the end to end process of creating products and delivering them to customers.

The Committee is aware of the current challenges that business and industry are facing. Some of these are short-term issues like access to fuel and raw materials to make products. Others are longer-term issues, such staff shortages, or having people with the skills needed by business in the parts of the country where there are vacancies.

About the inquiry

As part of the inquiry, the Committee undertook a call for views which closed on 9 November. We began hearing oral evidence in November and will report at the start of 2022.

Read the written submissions here

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