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Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Committee

Ray Taylor submission of 13 June 2021

PE1865/A - Suspend all surgical mesh and fixation devices

My story begins in Glasgow in 1988 when I was admitted to hospital for a Pelvic Floor Repair where the surgeon used Goretex mesh. This operation was not successful therefore another operation was performed to try to correct it, this time using Porecine (Pigskin) mesh.

Unfortunately, this too did not solve my problem and instead left me with worse issues that have required more and more interventions ever since.

One such intervention was, in 2008, when I had a bladder prolapse and was admitted to hospital to have a sling inserted. I was not aware of any Mesh/tape being used during this operation. I only found out later when I requested my medical records.

This operation was not successful, and I was readmitted to have my bladder stretched as the sling was too tight and I was unable to pass urine. This seemed to have worked and for the next few years my bladder problems were no longer an issue.

Then in 2012 I began to experience pain in the groin on urinating and sometimes when I was walking or sitting. The pain felt like a cheese grater rubbing against my groin. Over the next few years a few doctors told me they could not find anything to indicate what was causing the pain. I was given a scan and a scope inserted into the vagina and bladder and all came back clear. I asked if it could be the sling that was inserted in my bladder and each time was told that it was nothing to do with that. So I believed them and just carried on with life. Then my bladder problem came back worse than before and I was now incontinent. This had a huge impact on my life and I am now on medication to help with this problem.

It was during my recent major surgery that an examination of the Mesh in my bladder and photographs taken that clearly showed erosion in my bladder. I had waited all these years for someone to finally listen to me and take action to give me this news.

I am not sure what I am going to do next as there are too many horror stories involving removing the mesh whether it is partial or completely removed. All I do know is that I wish I had never been introduced to Mesh in any shape or form. This does not only have an effect on my life but also my family.

The main theme throughout the other Mesh Survivors that I have come across is the lies and not being listened to by the Medical Profession and is unforgivable.

We just want honesty and to be taken seriously. We did not ask to be put in this position but we are having to live a life of pain and suffering but worse of all is we do not see an end to it. Some sufferers now have auto immune system problems where the toxins are leaking into their bodies and doctors do not know how to treat everyone.

The actual product that the mesh is made from is polypropylene plastic. As I understand it, many of the manufacturers have openly stated that this “Petrochemical product” is TOXIC inside the human body and should not be used.

This seems to have been known for decades and still they are putting it into humans! It has never had any HUMAN TRIALS! I believe that this is an absolute scandal and it should be stopped without delay!

Save lives! Stop putting Profit over Patients!!!