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Bills and Laws

Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) Scotland Bill

The Bill makes changes to the law by:

  • temporarily restricting landlords from increasing the amount of rent they can charge on residential tenancies
  • temporarily placing certain restrictions on evictions from residential tenancies
  • allowing for Scottish Ministers to make regulations about matters a rent officer or a First-Tier Tribunal must consider in determining rent.

The Bill was passed on 06 October 2022 and became an Act on 27 October 2022


Stage 2 - Changes to detail

MSPs can propose changes (“amendments”) to the Bill. The amendments are considered and decided on by a committee.

The Bill ended Stage 2 on 05 October 2022

Emergency Bill

At Stage 2, an Emergency Bill shall be taken by a Committee of the Whole Parliament.

Committee of the Whole Parliament

Documents with the amendments considered at the meeting held on 5 October 2022.

Meeting on 5 October 2022

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