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Mu Phàrlamaid na h-Alba

Media resources

Code of Conduct for members of media

  1. Accredited journalists and media personnel should conduct themselves in a manner befitting the Parliament of the Scottish people.
  2. Accredited journalists should observe agreed parliamentary regulations about areas that are out-of-bounds, and other agreed conventions. The media access arrangements and protocols, including the Parliament’s Sexual Harassment Policy are set out on the Parliament’s website.
  3. Accredited journalists and media personnel should treat parliamentary staff with due courtesy and consideration.
  4. Accredited journalists and media personnel should not act as lobbyists, paid or unpaid, for any individual or organisation that might seek to influence the political process or benefit from inside knowledge of the political process. Accredited journalists and media personnel should not approach MSPs, civil servants, party officials or parliamentary staff to seek information for such individuals or organisations or to represent their views.

Alleged breaches of this code may be dealt with in the first instance by the accredited individual’s editor or head of news. Ultimately, the Scottish Parliament reserves the right to withdraw parliamentary passes.

All accredited media must adhere to the SPCB's Media Access: Terms and Conditions.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct

The Parliament’s aim is always to deal with complaints regarding alleged breaches of the code of conduct quickly and where possible without recourse to formal proceedings.

Details on the complaints procedures are available from the Parliament Communications Office.