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Mu Phàrlamaid na h-Alba

Scottish Parliament environmental policy



  • become a leader in environmental performance
  • make sustainable development central to how we work



  • protect the environment by minimising pollution and using fewer resources
  • support and encourage biodiversity
  • continuously improve our environmental performance


We will:

  • tell employees, MSPs and other building users about our aims and how they can help us achieve them
  • measure and reduce the Parliament’s carbon footprint
  • adapt for climate change
  • make a plan for managing the Parliament’s energy consumption
  • use water efficiently
  • minimise waste and identify ways to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle materials
  • make sure we buy things in a way that minimises harm and maximises benefit to the environment
  • reduce the need for unnecessary travel and encourage sustainable travel to and from the Parliament building
  • support and encourage biodiversity in the Parliament grounds
  • comply with environmental legislation

This environmental policy has been agreed by the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body and the Parliament's Leadership Group. It has been adopted by everyone working in and using the Parliament.

Alison Johnstone, Presiding Officer

David McGill, Chief Executive

Last reviewed July 2023

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