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Gabh pàirt

International connections

International organisations

The Scottish Parliament is a member of the:

  • Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
  • British Irish Parliamentary Assembly

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA)

The CPA consists of national, provincial, state and territorial parliaments across the Commonwealth. It:

  • promotes knowledge and understanding about parliamentary democracy
  • supports good leadership, democracy and human rights

Members of the Scottish Parliament are all members of the CPA Scotland Branch. There are 9 CPA Branches, divided by geographic regions, and each region has its own programme of activities.

The Scotland Branch is part of the British Islands and Mediterranean Region. It also works with the CPA Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians and the CPA Commonwealth Parliamentarians with Disabilities networks.

The Scotland Branch office holders are:

and the Scotland Branch Executive Committee members (elected 7 September 2022):

For previous annual reports, papers and information about the work of the CPA Scotland Branch, including the Branch Rules, please email:

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Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP)

The CWP is part of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. It was formed to:

  • increase the number of female elected representatives in parliaments across the Commonwealth
  • ensure that women’s issues are discussed in parliamentary debate and legislation

Scottish Parliament members of the CWP are:

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British Irish Parliamentary Assembly (BIPA)

The BIPA discuss issues of concern and interest between political representatives in Britain and Ireland.

The Scottish Parliament delegation is:

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