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Get involved

Get your voice heard

If you are passionate about an issue there are lots of ways you can get your voice heard.

Contact a Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP)

Everyone in Scotland is represented by 8 MSPs.

There are 2 types of MSPs. You can contact either type of MSP about any issue dealt with by the Scottish Parliament.

You have:

  • 1 MSP who represents your local area – known as a "constituency MSP"
  • 7 MSPs who represent the larger area that includes your constituency – known as "regional MSPs"

MSPs hold surgeries in their local area to give you an opportunity to meet them and discuss matters of concern.  You can also contact them by post and by email.

Find out what issues an MSP can help you with

Work with a committee

Committees are small groups of Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) who look at specific subjects such as health, education and justice. 

You or your organisation can get involved in a committee's work by:

  • giving your views on a Bill (a proposed new law) that the committee is considering
  • contributing to an inquiry
  • suggesting an inquiry topic

All committees can carry out inquiries into any subject in their remits (areas of responsibility).

Submit or support a petition

You can submit or support a public petition asking the Scottish Parliament to:

  • look into a matter of national public interest or concern
  • change existing laws
  • introduce new laws

You need only one signature.

You can submit a petition online to attract a wider audience.

Submit or support a public petition

Watch a BSL video about petitioning the Scottish Parliament

Join a cross-party-group (CPG)

CPGs meet to discuss a shared interest in a cause or subject. CPGs are made up of:

  • organisations
  • members of the public
  • MSPs from various parties

To join or attend a CPG meeting you should approach the group contact directly.

Join or attend a CPG

Hold an event or exhibition

The Scottish Parliament hosts a range of events and exhibitions. Some events link to the work of a committee and some are sponsored by MSPs.

With the sponsorship of an MSP, you can hold an event or exhibition to raise awareness of an issue.  The issue must be related to the work of the Parliament.

Hold an event or exhibition

Organise a protest

The Scottish Parliament recognises the importance of peaceful protest in a democratic society.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you are planning to organise a protest at the Scottish Parliament.

Organise a protest

Get involved through social media

You can use social media to find out what is happening in the Parliament. The Parliament and many committees have accounts on Twitter and Facebook. These accounts regularly share ways for you to get involved and get your thoughts and experiences heard. For example, by:

  • publicising inquiries
  • asking for suggestions for inquiries

Contact us on social media

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