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Event request form

Please complete the details of your event below. We will use the information you provide to consider your event. Changes to your event during the planning stages may result in your event being moved to another date. We will be unable to accept the form if any section is incomplete. There is more information about events for MSPs in the Get involved section of this website.

Contact information

This should be a maximum of 50 characters including spaces

Provide the contact that will work with our team in the planning stages

Do not provide personal mobile number

We handle any personal information you give us when making an enquiry or requesting a booking in line with Data Protection law (GDPR from May 2018). Privacy Notices which provide more information are available, or you can contact us for more information.

Date(s) and time

Events take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 6pm to 8pm, a Thursday afternoon from 1pm to 2.15pm and a Thursday evening from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

Event objectives

The focus and aim of Member-sponsored events is to engage with and support Members in their parliamentary role.

Use the space below to provide details on the aims and objectives of your event. Tell us about the audience profile expected at your event. Tell us how your event supports the work of Members of the Scottish Parliament. We will be unable to progress your event if this information is missing:



Choose from these options to allow us to select an appropriate venue.  We will be unable to progress your event if this information is missing.

Provide details below if you plan to change to change the room setup. For example, a change to the seating arrangements, extra plasma screens, trestle tables.

Special Access Requirements

Provide information on your guests if they need special access to the Scottish Parliament: