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Gabh pàirt


This Cross-party group's purpose:

The aim of the Group is to raise awareness of Tibet and its culture, to promote human rights in Tibet and to advocate for a peaceful resolution to the political situation, in line with international law and Tibetan Buddhist principles.

Monday, June 6, 2022

If you want to get in touch, you can contact Eleanor Byrne-Rosengren

Tagh raon-ama:

Involved in the group

MSPs, individuals and organisations who participate in and support this group.


Greer, Ross

Ross Greer


Party: Scottish Green Party

MSP for: West Scotland (Region)

Villalba, Mercedes

Mercedes Villalba


Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: North East Scotland (Region)

Cole-Hamilton, Alex

Party: Scottish Liberal Democrats

MSP for: Edinburgh Western (Constituency)

Grant, Rhoda

Rhoda Grant


Party: Scottish Labour

MSP for: Highlands and Islands (Region)

Stevenson, Collette

Party: Scottish National Party

MSP for: East Kilbride (Constituency)

Non MSP Individuals

Eleanor Byrne Rosengren - secretary

Linda Fabiani

Victor Spence

Linda Hendry

Mike Lean

Jill Sudbury

Mark Watson

Roger Eames

Ron Scrimgeour

Martin Mills


Office of Tibet

Free Tibet

Tibet Watch

Scottish Centre for Himalayan Research

University of Aberdeen

International Tibet Network