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Seòmar agus comataidhean

Question ref. S6W-08391
Asked by: Mark Ruskell, Mid Scotland and Fife, Scottish Green Party
Date lodged: 5 May 2022


To ask the Scottish Government what its response is to the Lynx to Scotland project report.

Current status: Answered by Lorna Slater on 19 May 2022


The Scottish Government recognises the role that re-introductions of native species can play in nature restoration, but has no current plans to reintroduce lynx or any other large carnivore species into Scotland.

We welcome the publication of the ‘Lynx to Scotland’ report and commend it for its careful and balanced assessment of a complex topic. As the report notes, there are major barriers that would need to be satisfactorily addressed before any such reintroduction could be taken forward. The Scottish Government has always been clear that any reintroduction of a species such as lynx could only take place following full consultation that ensured the views of those who are likely to be most affected are properly taken into account.

It is a criminal offence to release a species such as lynx in Scotland unless the release is licensed by NatureScot.