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Seòmar agus comataidhean

Question ref. S6W-08234
Asked by: Katy Clark, West Scotland, Scottish Labour
Date lodged: 28 April 2022


To ask the Scottish Government whether (a) adherence to Fair Work First criteria and (b) commitments to supporting domestic supply chains are set out as conditions for applicants for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy licences.

Current status: Answered by Michael Matheson on 11 May 2022


In determining an application for a marine licence (under the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 and Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009) the Scottish Ministers must have regard to protection of the environment and human health, prevention of interference with legitimate uses of the sea and such other matters as the Scottish Ministers consider relevant. Marine licences do not include conditions in relation to Fair Work First criteria and commitments to supporting domestic supply chains. Such conditions cannot be applied to s.36 consents issued under the Electricity Act 1989 for the construction, operation or extension of generating stations either.

ScotWind applicants were required to submit a Supply Chain Development Statement (SCDS) setting out the anticipated level and location of supply chain impact for their projects. We have now seen these statements yield commitments by developers to invest an average projection of £1.5bn in Scotland across each of the 17 ScotWind offshore wind projects. Developers can update their Statements throughout the development phase. Failure to deliver the commitments laid out in the final SCDS can trigger remedies ranging from financial penalties to an inability to progress to seabed lease.