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Seòmar agus comataidhean

Question ref. S6W-07161
Asked by: Dean Lockhart, Mid Scotland and Fife, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Date lodged: 10 March 2022


To ask the Scottish Government in what respects the Green Jobs Workforce Academy fulfils the dictionary definition of an “Academy” as "an institution for study or training in a special field".

Current status: Answered by Lorna Slater on 21 March 2022


The Green Jobs Workforce Academy offers information on the career opportunities available, the skills needed to move into them and links to the required training and funding sources to support learners to do so.

As the Academy’s offer develops, it will become a comprehensive source of advice and information about the labour market opportunities coming out of the transition. Users will be able to register to receive personalised updates on their areas of interest, invitations to online and in-person events and information on opportunities which are relevant to them

Phase 1 of the Green Jobs Workforce Academy launched in August 2021, focused on 5 sectors identified by the Climate Change Plan Update and Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan as being crucial to the transition to net zero with. Phase 2, due to launch this year, will include the launch of the Careers Assessment Tool and further enhancement of content and training opportunities that the Academy offers.