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Seòmar agus comataidhean

Question ref. S6W-06722
Asked by: Daniel Johnson, Edinburgh Southern, Scottish Labour
Date lodged: 22 February 2022


To ask the Scottish Government what impact assessment was undertaken regarding adding glass to its Deposit Return Scheme, particularly in relation to any rise in plastic packaging use.

Current status: Answered by Lorna Slater on 7 March 2022


The Full Business Case Stage 1 for Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), published on 8 May 2019 (pp36-37), considered the costs and benefits of including glass within the scheme and concluded that glass should be included due to the substantial environmental and economic benefits.

We do not consider that there will be extensive switching away from glass containers to other materials as a result of DRS. Format decisions are driven by a range of considerations including practicality, convenience, brand preference and presentation of the product. Indeed, the impact on material choice could be greater if glass were left outside the scope of DRS, creating an incentive to switch towards glass.