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Seòmar agus comataidhean

Question ref. S6W-04040
Asked by: Martin Whitfield, South Scotland, Scottish Labour
Date lodged: 3 November 2021


To ask the Scottish Government what guidance it has given to local authorities regarding parent-teacher consultations, and whether any such guidance specifies (a) whether they should be virtual or in-person meetings, (b) the time of day that meetings should take place and (c) any position on the importance of meeting any requirements for engagement between parents and teachers.

Current status: Answered by Shirley-Anne Somerville on 10 November 2021


Specific guidance on Reporting to Parents and Involving / Engaging Parent Councils during COVID–19 was published in November 2020. It states that “alternative methods and approaches to reporting will need to be used” in the current circumstances. Digital and online approaches are suggested as alternatives to in person meetings, and schools will be seeking to ensure engagement takes place such that all parents and carers can participate.

There is no specific guidance on meeting timings. Guidance emphasises that strong communications and collaboration between home and school remain key to ensure parents and carers can support their children and young people. Headteachers and managers will be working to ensure their setting or school continues to involve and engage parents and families .

Guidance states parents or carers may accompany children onto school premises where this is agreed and is considered necessary to support children and young people, including in relation to wellbeing, progress and behaviour.