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Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee

Meeting date: Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Agenda: Decision on Taking Business in Private, Subordinate Legislation, High Speed Rail (Crewe-Manchester) Bill, Role of Local Government in Delivering Net Zero, United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020


United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020

United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020 (Exclusions from Market Access Principles) Regulations 2022

The Convener

Our last item in public is consideration of a consent notification for a UK statutory instrument that has not yet been laid. The Scottish Government proposes to consent to this instrument, which, as the clerk’s paper explains, would facilitate its new legal regime to ban most single-use plastics.

A protocol has been agreed between the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament to address situations in which the Scottish Government proposes to consent to certain types of secondary legislation being made by the UK Government. The protocol sets out how the Scottish Parliament may scrutinise such decisions.

It is a statutory requirement that the Scottish Government’s consent must be sought for this proposed instrument. I refer members to paper 6. I move to the substantive question on this item. Is the committee content that the provision that is set out in the notification should be made in the proposed UK SI?

Members indicated agreement.

The Convener

Thank you. We will write to the Scottish Government to that effect. Does the committee agree to seek further information, by that letter, to clarify certain issues, and to delegate authority to me to sign off today a letter to inform the Scottish Government of our decision??

Members indicated agreement.

I close the public part of the meeting.

12:03 Meeting continued in private until 12:43.