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Seòmar agus comataidhean

Education, Children and Young People Committee

Aims and Objectives


These are the aims and objectives of the  Education, Children and Young People Committee. The Committee plans to review these on an annual basis.


To achieve the best possible experiences and outcomes for children, young people, lifelong learners and service deliverers.


To achieve this aim the Committee will---

• Work in a collegiate and inclusive manner that seeks to maximise consensus;

• Scrutinise the Scottish Government and other public bodies;

• Listen to a diverse range of people and a wide range of perspectives;

• Identify opportunities for children and young people to achieve their potential and celebrate success;

• Integrate the perspectives of children and young people into our work; and

• Make recommendations that are intended to improve outcomes and experiences for children and young people.

This statement covers the period 2021-22.



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